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Live and Online Mental Wellness Programs

Mental Wellness Matters conducts a series of mental wellness programs. We have strategically designed each program for specific groups struggling with mental and emotional health. Through the combination of all these programs, delivering both in person and online programs, we hope to give everyone an opportunity to improve their own mental well-being.

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Leaders In Training

Leaders in training is a 12-week interactive program that is based on the foundation of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy, personal development fundamentals, and leadership skills.

This 12-week program is an in-person and interactive program that utilizes youth peer support for learning and growth. Youth build lifelong leadership skills and build emotional intelligence.

This program provides fundamental self-management, leadership, and life skills. The program introduces youth to an array of mind matters and social issues that are facing today’s youth. Tools in this program will help your teen deal with stress, anxiety, and anger. It is important that youth learn how to take care of their mental wellness so they can become mentally stronger, resilient to life’s challenges and obstacles avoiding crisis and building thriving lives.

Limited spots available, register your youth to thrive today!

Emotional Intelligence EQ

Emotional Intelligence – Build your EQ

This workshop is designed to help the leaders of tomorrow gain the skills they will need to be successful in the workplace and in their lives. We will focus on the 4 key skills that are key to developing a high level of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

Develop leadership skills and inspire others to do the same.

Add to cart and a member of the team will schedule your the workshop today to book your coaching package.

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Six Week Emotional Wellness Program for Ages 8 to 12

This program helps young children develop a “mental health toolbox” that includes tools like emotional awareness, self-regulation, and other coping skills.

Offered a few times every year, we subsidize this program through local sponsors to make it available to families struggling financially.

MWMS online program emotional wellness

Free Four-Week Emotional Wellness Program Online

Our free, four-week Emotional Wellness Program offers a series of virtual courses to help you understand some of the most useful aspects of emotional wellness.

Each week of the program offers a conversation with a different guest speaker specializing in fields like nutrition, mindfulness, therapy, and overcoming trauma.

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Youth Month

Youth Month was an online program streamed to Peace Region schools and districts in 2021 and 2022. Students in grades 6 to 12 interact with a series of guest speakers who will educate, motivate, and inspire them.

Youth were experiencing high levels of stress and disconnectedness as they adapted to the changes of the pandemic, coupled with the struggles they already experience in their teenage years.

With the support of ATB Financial sponsorship, we were able to reach:

  • Over 30 schools and over 2000 youth in 2021
  • Over 50 schools and 3500 students impacted in 2022

With restrictions lifted we are now offering our in-person and interactive Youth Leadership program – Leaders in Training.

Learn More for program details and how to support the Leaders In Training Program

MWMS Ag Awareness Month

Ag Mental Health Awareness

Our annual Agricultural Mental Health Awareness Month runs all throughout the month of June.

Each week we live-stream an event geared towards the issues facing our rural communities.

This program will help those who live in especially remote regions of the country understand unique tactics for managing their own mental health.

men's wellness matters

Men’s Wellness Matters Group

Mental health issues are rising around men and being hit hard due to rising pressures and uncertainty.

This program was based on peer support group and education.

Contact us to participate in a future men’s group.

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