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Join us for an interactive online worldwide event!  Feed your Mind, Feed your Body.

Where Mindset, Mindfulness, and Mental Wellness collide together offering you tools and strategies to improve your overall wellness and mental state.

This online event is a collaboration and connection of experts in their field offering you tools, and strategies to be proactive in your mental wellness.  So we can improve our mental health by utilizing the tools we share.

When we implement the right tools into our lives we can decrease Anxiety, depression, burnout, stress, frustrations, and lack of sleep.

Improve our overall happiness, and improve our performance at work and school.

Improve our relationships and communication.

Improve our overall mental state and wellness.


*20 Minute presentation with Dr. Shelyn – Mind-body Medicine and Meditation.

*20 Minute presentation with Bojana Milic, Registered Nurse – Proactive mental health strategies with yoga, mindful practices, and emotional regulation.

* 20 Minute presentation with Christine Fehr, Mindset Mastery. How we can take control of our thoughts and emotions to impact decisions in our lives?

*60-minute yoga class prestigious yoga school.


Registration is open worldwide.


March 25, 2023, 10 am MST

Those who can not make the March 25th, 10 am time will have till April 1st to take part in this interactive online experience.


Exclusive Price $9.99


Change starts with a Decision.

You Deserve to live your best life possible.