Leaders In Training | Spring Program


12 Principles of Self Mastery for Youth
Monday  6:00pm-8:00pm | May 1st – July 23rd, 2023


All youth 12-17 years old encouraged to register today – limited spots available


Who Is This Program For
Youth 12-17 years old that need:
• An outlet to thrive – education, community & leadership
• To build confidence and self-awareness to make better choices
• A safe place to open up and share exactly is going on in their world
• Friendships and connections with like-minded youth
• Real-life confidence-building strategies and leadership training


What your youth will learn
• 12 Fundamental Principles of Self Mastery and leadership
• 72 Tools and daily practices to optimize your life
• Tactful ways to manage emotions in a safe place
• Meaningful ways to connect with your families, friends, and communities
• Interactive activities in every session


What your youth will gain
• More confidence
• Meaningful connections with other youth and community
• Strategies to manage emotional wellness
• Better decision making
• Improved communication
• Build a high-quality life
• Leadership experience


Limited spots are available, register today!


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This 12-week certification program is a tool and guide for our youth, who are currently navigating their teen and adolescent years.

Over 24 hours of training and development, 20 hours of community engagement, and volunteering.

Included – Youth Leadership – Summer camping Trip!



This program provides fundamental self-management, leadership, and life skills as well as introduces youth to an array of mind matters and social issues that are facing today’s youth.
Tools in this program will help you deal with stress, anxiety, anger, and a set of proactive strategies to optimize your mental wellness and become mentally stronger to have to knowledge and skills to deal with issues that young people face every day. It is important that they learn how to take care of their mental wellness so they can become mentally stronger, and resilient to life’s challenges and obstacles avoiding crisis and building thriving lives.


Youth today are lacking fundamental self-management skills. This is especially true for youth entering middle school and beyond.


This lack of self-management has a significant impact on multiple areas for youth including:
• Mental Wellness
• Emotional awareness
• Relationships
• Communication
• Student Success
• Lacking confidence
• Making poor choices


What you will get from this program
• Learn the 12 fundamental principles of self-mastery and leadership
• Gain over 72 tools and strategies to implement into your life and utilize as you grow through your adolescence and into adulthood
• Gain a new community of new friends based on growth, development, and leadership
• Gain a better understanding of yourself and recognize areas for improvement and growth
• Understanding how our thoughts, feelings, and actions all work together
• Develop self-confidence and tactics to upskill your own emotional intelligence
• Goal Setting and Accountability that will lead to a positive impact on your life


After this program
• Feel happier and more joy in your life – Reduce stress, anxiety, depression
• Take charge of your life and your future
• Have more confidence in yourself – Achieve and do more because of confidence
• Improve your relationships with yourself, family, friends, work, and school
• Better communicate with yourself, family, friends, work, and school
• Make better choices in our lives
• Set healthy boundaries that positively impact your future
• Self-manage your own emotions – Recognize and understand yourself and be better at self-care
• Reduce burnout and fatigue by utilizing the 12 fundamental principles
• Be more mindful of our thoughts and how they play an important role in our life
• Take more action and personal responsibility for your life

These principles are critically important for youth to learn as they grow. Without these necessary SKILLS, we are setting youth up for failure in the future.


By being proactive, we can support youth in becoming mentally stronger, and more resilient to life’s challenges but give them all the tools they need to overcome life’s challenges, obstacles, and adversities. And be proactive in preventing crises including, depression, suicide, addiction, domestic violence, and homelessness.


When we do not take control of our thoughts and mind the world will program it for us with outside sources that not just affect today but the rest of our lives.
What we do today matters!


Leaders In Training Program runs every Monday Night from  May 1st 2023 – July 3rd, 2023
Monday Nights 6:00 pm-8:00 pm, 2 hours of interactive development sessions

20 hours in May, in community involvement / volunteer to receive program certification.


May 1st 6pm-8pm

May 8th 6pm-8pm

May 15th 6pm-8pm

May 22nd 6pm-8pm

May 29th 6pm-8pm

June 5th, 6pm-8pm

June 12th 6pm-8pm

June 19th 6pm-8pm

June 26th 6pm-8pm

July 3rd 6pm-8pm

July 10th 6pm-8pm

July 17th 6pm-8pm


Youth Leadership Camping Trip – July 21st – July 23rd

Youth Drop off: Friday 6pm at location

Youth Pick Up: Sunday 3pm at location


**** MUST****

Notify of any allergies – Food and accommodations including in program


Own sleeping bag/ pillow

Extra clothes

Personal Hygiene products

Any special food requirements

Own medication or supplements

You will receive a full list of requirements




Community Involvement and Volunteering- Days to choose from:

(11am – 5pm)

May 6th,7th

May 13th, 14th

May  20th, 21st

May 27th, 28th




Cost: $597 plus gst

0r call 780 512 5805

If needed, contact us for monthly or alternative payment options.


What Youth That Have Participated In the Leaders In Training Program Are Saying


“I personally really enjoyed this program, I made a friend and learned some new skills. What I liked most of all is we all had a day to lead whatever we wanted for activites”


“Oh it was fun, I really liked it no matter all the times I just wanted to stay home and sleep. Overall I really enjoyed the Leaders In Training Program, I learned alot!”


“A lot of fun!!!!!!”