4th Annual Speak Up For Mental Health Fundraiser

Let your voice be heard, your stories be shared, and your struggles be embraced. At SPEAK UP for MENTAL HEALTH, we believe in the power of stories. On November 24th, we invite you to a night filled with inspiration, hope, and acceptance.
What to Expect:
 Live Music: Groove to the rhythm and feel the music that connects us all.
 Speakers: Listen to brave souls sharing their journeys, reminding us that we are never alone.
 Live and Silent Auction: Bid on unique items and experiences, all proceeds going towards Youth Programs in our communities.
Mental health matters, and your story matters. By sharing our experiences, we break the silence and build a community of understanding and acceptance. Together, we create a safe haven where no one suffers alone. With acceptance comes understanding, and with understanding comes acceptance and belonging.
Be Part of Something Meaningful:
Come, be part of this transformative event. Your presence and your story can inspire others to step into the light. Together, we can make a difference.
Let’s SPEAK UP, stand together, and show the world the strength in vulnerability.
Ticket Information:
Contact Christine at 780-512-5805 for tickets or to purchase a table at the event.
Sponsor information also contact Christine.
For more information, visit our website: MWMS.CA
Together, let’s create a world where no one suffers alone. See you at the SPEAK UP for MENTAL HEALTH Fundraiser!

Join Us at the 4th Annual SPEAK UP for MENTAL HEALTH Event!
Why Your Voice Matters:
In a world that often whispers, our event ROARS for change! Let’s stand united to SUPPORT YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH. It’s not just a fundraiser; it’s a movement towards ACCEPTANCE and PROACTIVE STRENGTH. It’s about empowering our youth, fostering understanding, and creating a community where everyone thrives!
Here’s Why You Should Buy Tickets NOW:
Impact Lives: Every ticket purchased directly supports youth mental health initiatives. Be a beacon of hope in someone’s life!
Break the Silence: Your presence at SPEAK UP sends a powerful message – mental health matters, and it’s okay not to be okay. Let’s break the stigma together!
Inspiring Stories: Prepare to be moved by raw, real, and inspiring stories that will touch your heart. Witness the strength that comes from vulnerability.
Inclusivity: At SPEAK UP, everyone belongs. It’s a safe space where differences are celebrated, and acceptance prevails. Come, and experience the warmth of belonging!
Unforgettable Night: Live music that resonates with your soul, speakers who stir your emotions, and auctions that promise exciting treasures – it’s not just an event; it’s an unforgettable experience!
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Don’t Wait – Hit the Heart and Buy Your Tickets NOW:
Contact Christine at 780-512-5805 or email at
Your ticket isn’t just a pass; it’s a pledge to stand for something meaningful. It’s your contribution to a world where every young heart feels accepted, supported, and valued.
Spread the Word – Share the Love:
Let your friends, family, and colleagues know that SPEAK UP for MENTAL HEALTH is where hearts unite and voices soar. Together, we make a difference!
Let’s make this world a kinder, more understanding place, one ticket at a time. See you at SPEAK UP for MENTAL HEALTH – where acceptance meets action!