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Mental Wellness Events

Mental Wellness Matters holds several mental wellness events throughout the year. These events help us spread a positive understanding of mental wellness.

By increasing the awareness of mental wellness and making it more acceptable to discuss one’s own struggles, we can one day reach a society where no one suffers in silence. Everyone is welcome at our events because everyone could benefit from understanding mental wellness problems better. On top of that, the more people that join us, the further we can spread our message of a proactive and preventative approach to mental wellness. We can’t wait to see you at our next event.

To view register for all upcoming events please view our upcoming event page.

March 25 Mind and Movement

Mind and Movement – Feed your Mind & Feed your Body.

Join us for interactive online event where mindset, mindfulness and mental wellness collide.

Register for this event today:

Join us for an interactive online worldwide event!  Feed your Mind, Feed your Body.

Where Mindset, Mindfulness, and Mental Wellness collide together offering you tools and strategies to improve your overall wellness and mental state.

This online event is a collaboration and connection of experts in their field offering you tools, and strategies to be proactive in your mental wellness.  So we can improve our mental health by utilizing the tools we share.

When we implement the right tools into our lives we can decrease Anxiety, depression, burnout, stress, frustrations, and lack of sleep.

Improve our overall happiness, and improve our performance at work and school.

Improve our relationships and communication.

Improve our overall mental state and wellness.


Registration is open worldwide.


March 25, 2023, 10 am MST


You Deserve to live your best life possible.

Saturday, March 25, 2023  10:00am MST


corn maze

The Corn Maze Event

We hold an annual Corn Maze Event. This event is a romping good time for the whole family, with a scavenger hunt, a coloring contest, wine tastings, live music, barn dancing, shopping, and much more. We have something for everyone at this event. Gatherings like our Corn Maze Event allow us an opportunity to make the messaging surrounding mental health entertaining and lively. We believe that mental health is a conversation that should be as bright and beautiful as the people we work with. This event gives us a chance to prove it.

christine at speak-up event

The Speak Up for Mental Health Event

One of our most popular events each year is our Speak Up for Mental Health Event. This event gives us an opportunity to share stories and have a serious conversation about the state of mental health within our community. Many people who struggle with their mental health are minimized in their daily lives. So, we take a moment to give them a platform to tell their stories. Every person who shares encourages countless others to speak up. When enough of us use our voice, we can break the silence looming over the mental health conversation in our community.


2022 Speak Up Facebook Page & Online Auction

two women holding bags of balloons outside

Join One of Mental Wellness Matters’s Events

We are always welcoming new volunteers and sponsors to our events. No matter how you help, we would love to have you join us. As a sponsor, you receive recognition in many ways. More importantly, you will be helping us make a better tomorrow for everyone. To learn more about becoming a sponsor, simply fill out a contact form or call us directly.

Stop the Stigma – Donate Today!