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Donate to Mental Wellness Matters

We invite everybody to donate to Mental Wellness Matters. We help eliminate stigmas surrounding mental health and encourage a positive and proactive approach towards dealing with one’s own mental health struggles. You can join us on this journey by donating, volunteering, or sponsoring. If you are part of an organization, sponsoring one of our programs or events is an excellent way to support mental health awareness. At the same time, we can bring more positive attention to your business.

Group of diverse neighbors are unified while participating in a community cleanup event. They are standing with their arms around one another.

Why You Should Donate

By donating, you can make a difference in the lives of everyone who struggles with mental health. Our local, nonprofit organization brings assistance to countless people in the area through a sensational, inspirational, and educational approach to mental health. We help people understand a proactive and preventative method of managing their mental health. Your donations increase our reach. We are always planning new programs, events, and activities, but sometimes we are limited by our available funds. When you donate, you help us take a step towards breaking the silence surrounding mental health.

abby's food truck at corn maze

Where Donations Go

Your donations go towards specific programs and events that we hold. You can learn more about these on our Events and Programs pages. If there is a particular event you would like to sponsor or support, you can choose to have all of your donations go towards that program. On the other hand, if you just want to support our work in general, you can also make a donation without any specified event or program. Some organizations choose to make in-kind donations. Over 100 organizations have donated goods or services to our annual Speak Up for Mental Health Event. Other organizations have donated the use of their venues for our events. However you help, we greatly appreciate it.

christine at speak-up event

You Can Make a Positive Impact

Your donations make a concrete difference in the lives of the families that we help. Many of our efforts provide relief directly to families in need and individuals with mental health difficulties. When you donate to us, you are helping give assistance to those who need it the most. With your help, we can make the stigma surrounding mental health a thing of the past.

Make a Donation Today!

If you are interested in donating, you can fill out the form below. It will allow you to choose your level of contribution or select specific events and programs. If you have any questions about donating, sponsoring, or contributing, do not hesitate to fill out a contact form or call us directly.

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Stop the Stigma – Donate Today!