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About Christine

Christine Fehr is the founder and  past executive of Mental Wellness Matters Society. Christine started this local nonprofit after overcoming her own adversities. When she learned that a proactive and preventative approach to mental and emotional wellness was the solution to many people’s problems, she knew she needed to spread the word. She started by offering free one-on-one services. Eventually, she realized there were larger issues with the conversation surrounding mental health. That’s when she started Mental Wellness Matters, an organization that helps bring education, support, awareness, and fun to the community.

headshot of christine fehr

Christine’s Bio

Christine Fehr is an entrepreneur, author, and community builder whose passion is to serve and support people worldwide by sharing her story. She delivers a strong message that we are not a product of our past, but rather a product of the choices we make and the actions we are willing to take in order to effect change and make an impact.

For more than 25 years, she has worked in the health and wellness industry promoting overall wellness using a holistic and mindful-based approach and healing from the inside out. Over the last decade, she has dedicated her career to mental and emotional wellness, personal development, leadership, relationships, and mindset. She is currently the executive director of the mental wellness matters society and the founder and lead educator at Inspire. Build. Grow Academy. She runs many different programs in personal development, mental wellness mastery, self-mastery, emotional intelligence, self-worth, and empowerment and offers workshops in her programs.

Although Christine has faced many adversities in life, she chooses to focus on resilience, building and maintaining a strong mindset, and living life with purpose and passion. Her natural ability to emotionally connect and relate to others has set her on a fulfilling path within the non-profit sector, working with the MWM Society as well as with the IBG Academy. Her mission is to bring awareness and a voice to mental and emotional health, utilizing a proactive approach that aims to decrease negative stigma and support mental health in her community and surrounding areas. Not just to decrease the negative stigma but to offer tangible tools and strategies that people can implement into their lives to make small changes so that they can become mentally stronger and be resilient to life’s challenges and adversities.

To prevent mental health crises, to break through adversity, to be mentally prepared for what life throughs at you.

Upcoming Programs & Events

Register Today for Live & Online Events

12 Principles to Self Mastery

Over 72 tangible tools and strategies to maximize your mindset, breakthrough, and overcome life’s challenges, and adversities by shifting perspective and mastering yourself.

Mental Wellness Mastery - 3 principles to master your mindset and optimize your wellness
Emotional Intelligence - Build Your EQ

4 key skills to improve communication, relationships, and leadership.

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Christine has facilitated and supported several programs through Mental Wellness Matters Society and the Inspire Build Grow Academy. These are some of the events she has delivered and participated in:

  • Lights of Hope
  • Speak Up for Mental Health
  • Four Weeks of Emotional Wellness
  • Mental Wellness Mastery – 3 principles to master your mindset and optimize your wellness
  • I AM – Empowerment Presentation
Christine speaking

Coaching and Consulting

Christine offers a variety of coaching and support to the community. Some opportunities include:

  • Mental Wellness Mastery- 3 principles to master your mindset and optimize your wellness
  • 12 Principles to self mastery
  • Coaching
  • Speaking Engagements
    • Empowerment
    • Motivational
    • Educational

Previous engagements include:

  • Community Futures Peace Region
  • Grande Prairie Regional College
  • Growing the North Conference
  • Speaking at the World of Wellness – Mental Health Matters Seminar

Available Services

Christine offers empowerment and peak performance services to help shape the mindset need to reach goals, find fulfillment, and be happier. Whether it be personalized one-on-on sessions, a custom program, or group speaking engagements, she is sure to leave an impact, encouraging others to overcome their struggles and move towards positive, purposeful, and passionate outcomes.

“When We Let Ourselves Go & Do the Incredible We Realize We Are Incredible”