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About Mental Wellness Matters

Since 2017, Mental Wellness Matters has helped communities develop a better conversation surrounding mental and emotional wellness. We advocate for mental wellness through education and awareness. We believe that we can help individuals understand their own mental health better. At the same time, we can break the silence surrounding mental health. Too many people suffer in silence. We think it’s time to bring the subject of proactive and preventative mental wellness into the light!

Emotional woman sharing her story during support session

What Are We Accomplishing?

Our mission is to eliminate the negative stigma surrounding people’s struggles with mental and emotional health. We believe that everybody has mental health, and everyone needs to understand how to manage it. However, many people with severe mental health difficulties feel ashamed, embarrassed, and ostracized. We will not stop until everyone understands that it’s okay to struggle and that opening up about it is the best remedy. We know that a proactive and preventative approach to mental and emotional well-being is the best way to create positive changes and prevent suicide, domestic violence, and addiction.

headshot of christine fehr

How Did It All Start?

Our story is not so different from the experiences of the people we seek to help. After falling on hard times herself with a business loss and 2 small kids relying upon her, the founder realized there were limited mental health resources that were within reach for those who and when they need it most. With the community’s help and her own inner strength, she found a way to get back on her feet. After her experience, she had a burning passion to help and serve others to bring hope and create much-needed resources. She offered wellness services at no charge until she realized she needed to tackle the problem of mental health on a larger scale. Starting with wellness programs, eventually, Mental Wellness Matters Society was born to be a community that collectively and proactively educates, supports, and empowers families and communities toward positive change.

How Do We Work With Your Community?

Since we started, our organization has expanded its services each and every year. Our growth shows no signs of stopping. We offer various events and programs that allow us to connect with the community. We also offer direct assistance to individuals and families in the direst situations. Our organization is only able to do what we do with the assistance of community fundraising and corporate support. As a community, we can unite to educate, inspire, and support each other, create positive change, prevent suicide, domestic violence, and addiction.

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