Elevating Mental Wellness Empowering Youth, Families and Communities

Our Unique Approach to Mental Wellness

Since 2017, the Mental Wellness Matters Society has served and supported mental health awareness. Starting in Alberta, Canada the organization has grown to now make an impact to communities globally. Through our unique sensational, educational, and inspirational approach, we have made amazing progress towards helping everyone understand mental health better.
Our mission is to break the silence and eliminate the stigma that looms over mental and emotional wellness. Everyone has mental health. It’s just a matter of understanding healthy ways of managing it.

We believe that a proactive and educational approach to mental health is the best way to empower and inspire people toward positive change in their lives, so they can access their own personal resources and strengths without suffering in silence. We believe the ripple effect of personal growth can transcend culture, gender, socioeconomic status and race, to make massive waves across communities, countries and the world.


We offer programs that help everyone understand the healthiest ways to manage their own mental health.


Learn about community events, bringing the truth about mental health.

How We Do What We Do

Many different things cause the lack of mental health awareness in society. We increase mental wellness within our community in several ways. Through all our efforts, we helped people emerge from the darkness, connect with support, and build awareness. With knowledge, understanding emerges, with understanding comes acceptance.


We use positive and proactive techniques to educate individuals about how they can manage their own mental health.


We strive to eliminate the society-wide stigma associated with mental health by holding programs and events that show how everyone has mental health.


We support those struggling with mental health through programs that connect them with one-on-one assistance and educate them on building their own support systems.

Community Engagement

We provide assistance that creates a ripple effect crossing all cultural boundaries, making waves of positive change across the world.

Holistic Approach

We break below the surface level of mental health and promote an approach to mental wellness that shows people how their physical, mental, and emotional health are all connected.

Stop the Stigma

We speak up for those struggling with mental health, showing everyone that there is no need to suffer in silence.

Partners Who Help Mental Wellness Matters

We are lucky enough to receive support from some of the most outstanding partners in the community. Through the generous funding of individuals and businesses, we have expanded our services, programs, and events each year. There is always room for more sponsors because we are continually growing. Whether it’s the use of land for a gathering, like our Corn Maze Event, or direct financial contributions, we are grateful for everyone within the community who supports us. We always say that we have the best partners anywhere in the world.

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